People are sleeping outside.

Until the City of Peterborough can ensure all residents have access to safe and adequate housing or, at the very least, shelter beds available to anyone who requires them, we, the undersigned, are urging Peterborough City Council to request the CAO enact Section 13 of the Parks and Facilities By-Law. In addition, we request the City of Peterborough open a park where those experiencing homelessness can set up tents legally, with access to water, toilet facilities, and supports. This would allow the City of Peterborough to take the first steps in decriminalizing those experiencing homelessness. This step must be taken to work towards ensuring no one is denied the fundamental right to housing.

To the Members of Peterborough City Council and The Chief Administrative Officer,

The issue

Year-round, there are people in Peterborough who are experiencing homelessness and living outside. Due to shelter restrictions (colloquially known as bans), a desire to care for a pet, substance use and/or mental health challenges, there are people for whom the shelter system is not accessible. It is also the case that our emergency shelters are at capacity most nights – and people are not always eligible for the beds that are available (e.g., adults cannot use a bed for a youth).

People experiencing homelessness are doing whatever they can to survive, whether it is squatting, sleeping in a stairwell, or in a public park. Unfortunately, the Parks and Facilities By-law has made sleeping in parks illegal. But there is a provision in the By-law that allows for camping without a permit; we see this as one way to increase the safety and security for people experiencing homelessness in our city. Section 13 of this by-law states that individuals may be allowed to sleep in parks without a permit, should there not be enough shelter space for everyone needing shelter.

Until there is secure and permanent housing for everyone, the City and County of Peterborough should utilize Section 13 of the Parks and Facilities Bylaw so that people have access to bathrooms and a safe place to camp each night.

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Displacement of individuals living in homelessness is a reality in Peterborough.

In 2019, in response to the emergence of tent city, the City of Peterborough passed the Parks and Facilities Bylaw making it illegal to sleep in parks or set up tents without a permit.² Tent City disappeared, but those who occupied it did not. Instead they were threatened with fines and forced to camp out of view. People now have to ask permission to survive, and there is no clear way for them to do so if they are unable to use or choose not to use our emergency shelter system. We see this happening in cities and communities across Canada. While we have not had a series of major encampments being torn down in our community, since the dismantling of our own Tent City, tents and people’s belongings are quietly being confiscated and people moved along on an ongoing basis.

On the City of Peterborough’s Parks website, there are no instructions on how to request a permit to be allowed to sleep in a park. There are, however, clear instructions on how to “report prohibited tenting in a City park.”¹⁰

The meaning of criminalization is “the action of turning someone into a criminal by making their activities illegal.”This is what we are doing to individuals living in poverty.

One individual currently sleeping outside in Peterborough this winter stated:

I think when people are living outside, they are much more likely to break the law to survive. It’s -30 out, you bet I’m busting through a door to stay warm. If we were able to set up a tent somewhere, have the supplies and blankets we needed, we wouldn’t have to commit crimes to make it through the night (personal communication, January 27, 2022).

98% of individuals surveyed choose housing over homelessness

Those who do not feel safe or who are unable to access the shelter system now have no legal place to sleep. COVID-19, along with rising class inequity and the marked shift in housing as an investment for the wealthy versus a basic human need, has exacerbated the magnitude of outdoor homelessness across Canada. Diminishing supply of shelter beds, housing and community supports has forced unhoused individuals to address their needs by using provisional solutions such as sleeping on the street, outside, and in stairwells; using the bathroom outside either in public or on private property; and disposing of garbage on the street where trash cans aren’t available. These activities aren’t comfortable or enjoyable for anyone, and people wouldn’t choose to live this way if they had another option. At least 98% of individuals surveyed in the Peterborough Point in Time Count 2018 stated they would choose housing over homelessness.¹⁵

There are several reasons why someone would need to set up shelter outside, and insufficient shelter space is only one of them. Some people don’t feel comfortable using emergency shelters, while others face service restrictions that don’t allow them access. From 2020 to 2021, the total number of people who have received temporary or indefinite bans from shelters has increased 300%; In the fourth quarter of 2020, 56 individuals received 133 restrictions. In the third quarter of 2021, 123 individuals received 394 restrictions. Without shelter as an option, these individuals have few, if any, legal places to exist.

We can take a step forward. Section 13 of the Parks and Facilities By-Law states:

Where the CAO [Chief Administrative Officer], in consultation with any of the Commissioner of Community Services, the Manager, Social Services or the Manager, Public Works, is satisfied that the number of locally available shelter beds is less than the number of individuals in need of shelter, the CAO may permit such individuals to erect and be within temporary structures, huts or tents in a Park without a permit.²

In other words, Peterborough’s Chief Administrative Officer has the power to allow those experiencing homelessness to set up shelter in public parks without fear of being fined and having their belongings taken. To make this happen, the CAO needs to recognize that Peterborough currently has fewer shelter beds than people in need of shelter, and then make the decision to allow individuals to sleep in parks.

This crisis is not new.

The City of Peterborough’s own numbers show that we’ve been at this point since at least April 2019.¹¹ From two Freedom of Information Act requests made in 2021, we have learned the following: There are 91 shelter beds in Peterborough. Shelters are often at or near capacity, with an average of 13 beds available in the system on any given night, many of which are only available to youth [aged 16-24].¹² Since May of 2020, there have been an average of 106 people who are experiencing homelessness and spend the majority of their nights outside the shelter system (outdoors, couch surfing, hospitals, etc.). Even if all shelter beds were available, there are still not enough for all those not accessing the shelter system right now. And, in actuality, 86% of shelter beds are consistently occupied.¹²

Tents are not the answer: housing is. But in the absence of affordable, safe, and accessible housing, what are people to do? Those currently living outside have named this as one temporary measure that can provide some stability as they seek out housing.

What do the City’s numbers tell us about how many folks are homeless in Peterborough?

How many emergency shelter beds do we really have?

According to the City’s numbers, the available shelter beds are significantly lower than the number of individuals who are homeless and spending most of their time outside shelter.

The number of available shelter beds for adults has steadily decreased throughout 2021. By November 2021, there were 0 beds on average for adults in Peterborough’s shelter system.

We cannot punish our way to ending homelessness. To do so actually works against the City’s own homelessness response in the following three ways:

Rehousing efforts are more difficult.

The City of Peterborough has committed to a philosophy called “Housing First.”³ This is a philosophy based on choice, immediate access to housing, harm reduction and recovery, and integrating people into the community. By making tenting illegal, we are at odds with this philosophy. When people are constantly asked to move along and their belongings and tents are consistently thrown away, we are uprooting any small fraction of stability and community that they have established. We limit their access to health care, housing opportunities and intensify their depth of need by further destabilizing and causing increased recurring trauma.⁵ Rather than integrating people into the community, they are pushed further out.

Connection is lost with the most vulnerable in our community.

The City of Peterborough uses a Coordinated Access System to work towards ending homelessness.³ The aim of this system is to know every person experiencing homelessness by name and their unique needs. By forcing people experiencing homelessness out of sight, we lose valuable opportunities to engage with them. The City reported that 48% of the people who exit the coordinated access system are moved to “inactive” because they are not seen or heard from in 90 days.⁷ This suggests we need to do better to keep in touch with people to know that we are prioritizing the most vulnerable for the available housing and supports.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the disconnection. Organizations providing mobile vaccination clinics in our community have struggled to find individuals sleeping rough in order to provide access to vaccinations, and even wound care.

We violate people's human rights.

As stated earlier, the City of Peterborough is committed to a “Housing First” philosophy.³ Central to “Housing First” is the belief that housing is a human right. International human rights law states that housing is a fundamental right linked to dignity and life – and governments are thus responsible for ensuring that all people have access to adequate housing. Canada’s National Housing Strategy Act declares the right to housing on a national scale.⁹ As inadequate as it is, a tent is a person’s house, and until the municipal government is able to offer an alternative, we are violating people’s human rights by making it illegal for them to set it up.

It has been done.

This is what other Canadian cities are doing.

In a case that bears similarities to Peterborough, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled in favour of an encampment in Prince George back in October 2021, citing the city’s insufficient shelter space for its unhoused population. He also noted that its lack of low barrier shelters posed additional barriers to those living with mental health disorders and addiction.⁸

Further, in January 2022, another B.C. judge ruled against evictions issued against residents of an encampment in Vancouver’s CRAB Park. Justice Kirchner wrote that the Vancouver Park Board’s general manager did not consider how this would interfere with the residents’ ability to access necessary services and facilities. He asserted that the residents have a right to be given adequate notice and an opportunity to be heard before issuing such orders.¹⁵

This is our request:

Until the City of Peterborough can ensure all residents have access to safe and adequate housing or, at the very least, shelter beds available to anyone who requires them, we, the undersigned, are urging Peterborough City Council to request the CAO enact Section 13 of the Parks and Facilities By-Law. In addition, we request the City of Peterborough open a park where those experiencing homelessness can set up tents legally, with access to water, toilet facilities, and supports. This would allow the City of Peterborough to take the first steps in decriminalizing those experiencing homelessness. This step must be taken to work towards ensuring no one is denied the fundamental right to housing.

Join the effort

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Those of us who have signed

Elizabeth Fry Society of Peterborough

One Roof Community Centre

Peterborough Aids Resource Network

Community Counselling and Resource Centre

One City Peterborough

360 Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic

The John Howard Society of Peterborough

Greenwood United Church

Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough

Brain Injury Association Peterborough Region

And 825 individuals:

Mary Kay volunteer at One City

Margie Sumadh homeowner in the downtown. Advocate for Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Bill Templeman Father, citizen

Ruth and Don Benson Human

Linda Slavin

Kollene Drummond

Erika Steinhubl Citizen

Melodie McCullough

Andrew MacGregor Program Coordinator, One Roof Community Centre

Mary Gordon Supporter

Jim Abel

Elizabth Beatrix QuarrieI live here, I see the need

Susan Gleeson

Stephen Ginley PTBO resident with a concern for the marginalized

Matt Barlow Community advocate/ Bridges Peterborough

Annie Hedden Program Manager, Housing Resource Centre

Charlotte Smith Resident concerned for the well-being of all

Andrea Barrett

Joyce Murray Concerned Citizen

Peggy Abbott Active in supporting programs that support the homeless. Stand for housing with dignity for all

Joanne Jackson Supporter

Kelly McDowell

Peter Woolidge

Pamela Van Nest Concerned Citizen

Bonnie Jull community member

Jeffrey Mason Concerned citizen

Ben Taylor

Theresa Phillips Community support worker

Alana Parisien Housing coordinator

Craig Paterson

Sheila Nabigon-Howlett Steering Committee of Peterborough Action for Tiny Homes: PATH

AnneTrudell Concerned community member

Jo Hayward-Haines Saturday lunch St. John’s

Andy Guthrie Front line worker / food insecurity/ homelessness/ harm reduction

Tim Snoddon

Hélène Thibert Love your neighbour as Yourself

Nuala Murnane

Nicole McLeod Until the city can be responsive to the needs of the unhoused or marginalized then this is the only solution.

Charmaine Magumbe

Gloria MacDonald AB10 years Correctional experience

Susan Gontier Activist/Tiny Homes advocate

Donna McDougall

Shelley Hermer Social Worker

Anne Wilson Concerned City of Ptbo Resident

Brian Nichols citizen of Peterborough

Jackie Sherry Caring citizen

Rosanna Zerafa Abraham festival committee

Dave Sumner Volunteer with PATH

Debbie Carriere Executive Director, Elizabeth Fry Society of Peterborough

Richard Abbott Concerned and caring resident of Peterborough

Tom Childs Citizen

Dane CHRISTOPHER Wilton Member, Food Not Bombs

Gianne Broughton Human Being

Cheryl Lyon Former Social Housing Administrator, Peterborough City & County; Board of Directors, Bedford House/Bridges Peterborough

Tamara Kuehne One City Peterborough Staff - working in Peterborough with unhoused folks for 8 years

Lucas Schaefer Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator

Kristal Jones Front Line Worker

Rebecca Turland Director on the Board of Bedford House

Abby Obress Peer Support Worker for marginalized and vulnerable community members such as those unhoused, using drugs, or experiencing mental health issues

Margaret Slavin I am a landlord and on the steering committee of Peterborough Action for Tiny Homes.

Em Patterson CYW

Cassy S - As a bail supervisor for the Peterborough area, it is alarming to witness the rising rates of homelessness. During an ongoing and worsening housing crisis, it is unacceptable that you would not allow people to take shelter in the parks, knowing the lack o

Morgan McNamee Human Being - (I also work at one roof)

Christian Harvey Executive Director, One City Peterborough

Jennifer Turtscher Floor Supervisor at ORCC

Devon Turtscher My mom works at one roof, and I am a resident of Peterborough

Syg Good allow it

Emily Bennett Community member

Sarah Cullingham Researcher, Research for Social Change Lab (Trent University)

Heather Temple

Amanda Pratt I believe human beings should be treated like human beings

Monica McNamee Registered Nurse

Caryl Miller I have been aware of the housing problem for some time. I do what I can to help

Diotallevi Julia Downtown community member

Calista Williams Advocate for human rights

Annessa Stillman Community Community Programs Manager - EFry

Corrina Plumley

Kelly McCarthy Social worker, community member

Jill Snoddon placement student at Elizabeth Fry

Brooke Erickson Community member

Kathy Neil Executive Director, John Howard Society

Janalyn Dodds Social Worker

Scott Cecchin

Simal Iftikhar Coordinated the virtual sleep out last year

Ryan Perks concerned citizen / fellow human being

Megan Forestell Work at YWCA with individuals experiencing homelessness

Sarah V

Melissa Free Transitional Housing Manager

Claire Belding Justice Services Case Manager Elizabeth Fry Society

Bill Clark JHS Finance Manager

Jennifer Kilby The right to housing is a human right. Not finding or having appropiate housing is a failure on behalf of Fed, Pro, Min, City, Town, MPS, MAYORS. Their job is public service. The greatest need in this City and many is the lack of appropriate housing.

Caela YES Staff

Jenn MacDonald Community Resident with family members who have experienced homelessness

Anna Eidt Downtown resident and business owner

Dillon Ahola Community member

Lalla Maiga I believe everyone should have the right to find comfortable refuge and the homelessness issue in Peterborough is abysmal. The bare minimum we can do is allow them access to park without being prosecuted

Bailey Giff Third Year BSW Student from Trent U

Sarah Moret Concerned citizen

Caitanya Pandith Peterborough Resident

Bailey Crough you

Amy Rosborough Concerned citizen of Peterborough County

Calli Telford Social Worker

Rob Jacka Family physician who cares about this particularly disadvantaged group

Madeleine Ganly Peterborough resident

Shannon Graham

Brooklin Holbrough Downtown business worker and local resident

Moss Huard I have been in unstable housing situations for nearly a year, and have nearly ended up sleeping outside several times. Really having to grapple with how I’d be living made me even more aware of an issue I was already passionate about, and I’m absolutely

Alivia Buchan Community member

Thamer Linklater Researcher, Research for Social Change Lab, Trent University

Brenda Stillman I agree they should be given a place that is safe

Courtney Palczert Homeless rights activist

Samantha Fillion Family Homelessness Worker

Amanda McBain

Dawn Fidler Executive Director

Taylor Sima Community member

Mana Martin Student

Blake Caissie Peer Support Worker for Elizabeth Fry Society

Angela O’Grady Resident of Peterborough

Brianna Sweeting A lifelong Peterborough resident and current social work student appalled by the City’s response to people experiencing homelessness and the actions taken against people living in the ‘Tent city’ a few years ago.

Rhonda Lowes community friend

Carolyn Loeb Community member

Adrienne Barnes BSW, RSW, frontline worker

Kerri Boyd Chair, Board of Directors, YES Shelter for Youth and Families

Rob Hotston Chair, Board of Directors, John Howard Society of Peterborough

John Watson No evictions from parklands. Let people sleep and live.

Sheila Van den Heuvel-Collins One City volunteer

Jacquelyn Craft

Emily MacFarlane Peterborough Citizen of 22 Years

Alexandra Stetler Community Member

Megan Community member/community partner

Megan Whitmore Service Navigation Coordinator

Jocelyn Enright Community worker

Elyssa Bisset Intake Worker - CCRC

Elisa Hollingsworth Concerned Citizen

Britt Zeus Peterborough Citizen

Emily Buckley Intake/SST Counsellor; personal advocate of affordable housing and decriminalization of homelessness

Gabriella Muto

Alfreda Thompson Resident

Carly Dupont

Tara Aune

Simone Zhu Student and community member

Peter Williams concerned resident who lives and works in downtown Peterborough

Allison Wight Secretary on Board of Directors at Elizabeth Fry Society of Peterborough

Auden Palmer Housing Counsellor

Olivia Rossetti Student and resident

Jessica Evans Everyone has a right to Housing. Being unhoused should not be criminalized. Divert your funds to housing community members rather than criminalizing them.

Franky Patten community member

Graham MacNeil community member

Rain Gill Peterborough native, social justice advocate, ally

Maya Passmore

Jess Gabor Social worker

Helena Acton Homeless Shelter Staff

Laura Keresztesi

Kaitlynn Bronson

Hailey McFadden Homelessness is a symptom if a failing society. If our elected officials can’t work to address this epidemic, they can at the VERY LEAST provide a venue to allow folks to sleep legally.

Valentine Teasdale NP Community Fridge coordinator

Sarah Gerow An individuals who had family members that suffered from homelessness

Sarah Tobiss Resident of Peterborough

Jessica Poliquin Educator

Shannon Avery SSW/MHAW student doing placements in community

Rania Maarouf Peterborough resident

Graham Petty Youth and Parent Programs Facilitator, The John Howard Society of Peterborough

Tyler McIntosh

Talea Moore Concerned citizen

Rachel Pace

Kylie Pennell

Melissa Wilson I live in ptbo and care about these people

Mattison Proulx Would like to help anyway I can

Umut Ergul Peterborough resident/homeowner

Gillian Turnham Resident of Peterborough

Jared Barrieau

Paige Student in ptbo

Wren Armstron

Ben Jacobs Concerned Citizen

Ashley Calder Community Member

Rudy Fischer Concerned citizen

Bob Fantauzzi

Correen Day Justice Services Manager at the Elizabeth Fry Society. My connection to the issue is not just in supporting and advocating for social justice but I am a part of this community and we need to support each other in the community not shut or marginalize folk

Stevie Walsh

Josephine Sippola Downtown resident

Hannah Bostick I’m a person who believes people should have a palce to live

T Bunce Community Outreach

Chantilly mcKinnon Resident

Eleanor Anckaert Caring Peterborough resident

Linda Smith

Shaela McLeod My mother experiences homelessness

Ava Bruns Community member

Shivaan Burke Human

Chelsea B Peterborough resident

Riley Meekin Agree


Ness Pringle Advocate, Friend, Peterborough Resident

Jordan Anderson Student

Eric Post

Ring Jamie

Julie Murphy Everyone should have a secure safe place

Krista Beer

Rev. Canon Brad Smith Rector, St. John’s Anglican Church

Heather Mcmataer Resident of Peterborough

Julie Whatley Family Member

Jensyn Clark

Valentine Blackwell There is a constant increase in homelessness. These People are unable to get jobs because of the qualifications and necessities needed. They need some sort of shelter, any sort of shelter. A park is the least officials can give them but it’s something.


Stuart Ross I believe that all people

Jon Hedderwick Employment Counsellor, Artists and Activists

Larissa Rizzo YWCA Family support worker

Gordon Halsey Concerned and spiritually driven fellow human being, personal outreach volunteer, social sustainability researcher 9MA Sustainability Studies, Trent ‘16)

Halley Pickard Nurse/recovering addict from addiction

Makayla Dunford I live in Peterborough and something needs to be done about the housing crisis and homelessness. It breaks my heart

Kim Kennelly Front line worker

Tiffany Christie Support

Tina Gonnermann Concerned citizen of Peterborough

Alex Bierk Downtown Resident, Downtown business owner

Sandy Garvey Finance & Administrative Assistant with CCRC

Kristal Jones Front Line Worker

Calvin Bakelaar

Cyrus Williams Let them sleep there, let them survive

Jessica VanLingen Sister works at One Roof Community Centre

Jordon Hale Caring human being

Justina Stephens Downtown resident

Gabriella McIntosh Local

Laura Mead People deserve the right to sleep as safely as possible while experiencing homelessness

Ayanna Leak

Shannon LeBlanc Community member

Tyler Watson

Caroline Garland

Melissa Wood Becoming poor with the way this world is going

Ian Dales

Caileigh McKnight Community member

Amy Community member

Lou DeLong child/youth agency

Mary Kapron

Hallie Sd Student concerned about the well being of others

Eliza Rubacha O’Hearn Research assistant on HF4Y, person with lived experience, former shelter assistant at YES, community member

KateLyn Wright Transitional Housing Worker with Indigenous Youth

Christine Logan As a fellow human, I care about other people. Those who are houseless are a part of our communities. We should all care about them

Sam MacAndrew

Heather Litster Community member

Chris Poschmann Member of the Peterborough community

Reuben Noteboom Supportive Community Member

Gracie Kees

Haley Milan

Jane Brown Client Service Coordinator @ BIAPR and personally invested in a person’s right to survive

Sarah Brodeur Social Worker


Tyler George Registered Social Worker (RSW)

Sadie Brown

Brianne Dunford

Margaret Camp Recreation Therapist at Brain Injury Association Peterborough (BIAPR)

Jacob Hanna I live in Peterborough

Caitlin Bragg Chair, Elizabeth Fry Society Board of Directors

Alyssa Scanga

Marina Mercurio

Trent Rhode

Kassidy C.

Matt Drewes Affordable housing!!!

Tatiana Gabbidon Student at Trent’s Peterborough campus

Taylor Lalonde I live in Peterborough and think this is a positive and necessary change to support the homeless in the area

Jennifer Elchuk human who cares about other humans

Caroline Henson Social work student


Hailey Hicks BSW Graduate at Trent University

Ava Horvath Peterborough resident who cares about the homeless community

La Macdonald Peterborough resident

Justin Brodeur

Leigh Carrod Peterborough home owner, CCRC staff

Colleen McLean Work in the downtown area

Courtney Patrick Mental Health Clinician

Helena Rank Citizen

Meradith Korteweg Community Member

Gordon Roberts

Brazil Gaffney-Knox Community Member

Cassidy Robertson I live in Peterborough and see this every day.

Trish Campbell Member of PATH (Ptbo Action for Tiny Homes)

Kathleen F

Courtney Neilson Trent University Student

Carissa Hickson

Tracy Campbell


Eden Rikkerink Student advocate

Owen Walsh Downtown Peterborough Resident and Worker


Bea Chan Community member

Myel Goller

Dorothy Newmaster Former One Roof volunteer

Ty Kraemer Community member

Reilly Lafreniere Supporter and I believe that the homeless need more support

Rachael McDonald I live in Peterborough

Caitlin Burkholder Caring Citizen

Melissa Legge Human being that cares

Frances Wilbur Board member of EFry Peterborough

Laura Page Student at Trent

Mat Bloom

Janet Reeves

Sarah Resident of Peterborough

Robert Laycock Citizen of Peterborough

Hillary Dextrase Community-based housing researcher

Bonnie Tennant Caring member of society

Kim Winter I’ve seen the tents in the parks around the city, there must be a better way for people. Living in tents in the parks is not safe. And at a minimum health care needs to be considered with water and bathrooms.

Jennifer Hilborn Clinics Psychologist

Rosa Vance Volunteer

Ann Barrett Concerned Citizen

Jamie Lee Resident in Peterborough

Martha Nydam Resident of Peterborough. Wish the city would take responsibility for the housing and opioid crisis

Nicola Koyanagi Concerned Citizen

Robyn French I am entering the field of mental health and addictions. This is a matter of human rights, and the bylaw would help to remove some of the barriers unhoused people face

Sharon Watkins Concerned citizen

Connie McKay Concerned community member

Jan Norman Years long employee of One Roof Community Centre

Shuna Heeney Daughter works at One City

Anna Kluwe

Sue Baxter The homeless are always on my heart

Tegan Moss Belief in the dignity of houseless people and importance of decriminalization

Kaitlin Murphy Student in town

Peter Earle

Dean Heiler I live here in Peterborough

Jaime Macleod

Scott Couper Street Level Advocate

Said Jiddawy Community Member

Emma Macdonald A community member concerned for the safety of our houseless neighbours

Michu Jena Local resident

Joleen Edmondson

Megan Hunter Concerned Ptbo Community Member

Caitlin Currie

Patricia Donnelly CCRC Board Member. Concerned community member

Mary Ireland

Luke Best For the movement

Allyson Rader Community member/social worker

Nick Dew Homeless

Jenny Kennedy-Bloom with and love the people

Chandel D’Amico

Adeilah Dahlke

Faith Resident

Aubrey Apps Live in Peterborough

Zoe Fennell

Tamara Mann Know about the situation

Quentin Day Concerned citizen

Sandra Bodini Teacher

Margo Cann Someone who would be homeless if I didn’t have friends/family who support me…not everyone has that and those people deserve a place to sleep!!! THE SHELTER IN PTBO ONLY HAS SO MUCH SPACE.

Erin Rideout Concerned citizen

Glen Caradus Please allow a park for tents So concerned of the situation

Bill Jenkins

Caelin Morrison

Everett Maixx

Reverend Allan Smith-Reeve Greenwood United Church

Isaac Maker Homelessness is inherently wrong and should be taken far more seriously

Matthew Maker Sociocultural linguistic anthropologist who conducted research in the brilliant city of Peterborough

Emma Canning I live here

Julie Cosgrove A Peterboroughian with an interest in an inclusive, safe, and welcoming city for everyone. I will love to see Peterborough become a leader and model city in addressing poverty and homelessness/precarious housing

Wendy Van Monsjou One roof volunteer

Naomi Nichols Trent Professor (Sociology) and Canada Research Chair in Community-Partnered Social Justice: Lead Researcher for the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and Making the Shift: Youth Homelessness Social Innovation Lab

Jinian Harwig Resident of Peterborough

Jayne Malenfant Researcher, longtime Peterborough resident

Maddie Porter Former shelter worker

Maggie Drover Student at Trent

Heather Vance Peterborough Resident

Kaz de Moraes

Kate Matthews Citizen of Peterborough

Tara Locke

Lori Sainte Resident in Peterborough Ont

Jordan Appleman Citizen

Lois Webster Care about human rights and poverty

Spencer Wells

Renee Howard ODSP recipient, low income

Sarah Van den Berg City of ptbo resident


Marissa Peters Livs in Peterborough

Elena Lonero RN

Aleah Hazan Physician

Luke Whale Community member, human, social work student

Kyle Arsenault Dr.

Abby Hatherly

Nicole Robert Social Work Student

Desiree Mathews

Linnea Veloce Local resident

Susan Newberry Belief

Gill Holmes Past Community member

Zoe Easton Peterborough resident

Caitlin Prest Supporting the bill as a former front line crisis worker, advocate for housing and access to services

Nicole Conboy

Aakriti Pandey Resident of Peterborough

Doren Beard

Jessica Voigt Resident of Peterborough

Emily Rogers Nannarone Community Mental Health counselling & social worker

Samarth Sarin

Carly Johnston Resident of Peterborough

Lindsey Woodward I care about all members of our community

Chloe Research Assistant, studied folks experiencing homelessness and their access to supports within CKL.

Maureen Soch Donor

Kerri Jobe City Resident

Carly Armstrong Community member

Karen Beaney Community Member

Joanne Rowland volunteer with One City

Kristy Buccieri Associate Professor, Trent University

Kathleen Ramsay Member of what is supposed to be a civil society

Michael VanDerHerberg Housing Director at One City Peterborough

Ashley Magyar Not housed appropriately

Anton Selmeczi Concerned citizen

Rheanna Christie I’m human

Celina Carmichael

Muna Ahmed Community Organizer, Coordinator of CWTP

Douglas Schieder City Resident

Brooke Martin

Ruth Perkins Peterborough Resident

Katy Catchpole student in Peterborough

Karen Ward

Emilia Wilson Graduated Housing Support Worker

Courtney Cavanagh One City Peterborough

Luca Schaefer Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator

Samantha Blondeau Peterborough resident, One City board member with lived experience of homelessness

Joan Lawless

Dan Hennessey I meet with many daily. Can’t understand why more isn’t done. Brock mission is criminal in bans as housing is recognized by the UN as a human right.

Will Pearson Manager, Research for Social Change Lab

Jeffrey Macklin Live downtown

Amanda Buelow Downtown Peterborough Resident

Ann Jaeger Peterborough resident who cares about homelessness

Cheri Patrick

Julia McGregor

Carol Harvey former Warming Room and One Roof volunteer

Brian Harvey Retired concerned citizen and volunteer at the Warming Room and One Roof Community Centre

Rosie Aiello Housing is a basic human right

Lynds VanderWal I just care for basic human rights

Jeff Chislett My mother experiences homelessness, I have experienced homelessness, and I live near City Hall, which means I am constantly hearing the agonized wailing of those this city has so gleefully abandoned.

Theresa Philips Community member

Elizabeth Flagler It’s moral, ethical, and legal wrongdoing to punish people for experiencing homelessness.We have a duty as a community to protect the most vulnerable members. It benefits everyone to secure housing for all.

Marisa Mackenzie Lived experience of homelessness, discrimination, food and housing insecurity, and poverty.

Anne Pasek

Emma Scott

Glen Caradus Please allow a park. So concerned of the situation

Angela Falkowska caring human

Sioux Dickson I’m disabled and poor. I’m in the part of the iceberg where the homeless-in-waiting reside. The titanic will look like an afternoon swim if the precarious become homeless to ensure the landlords can get market rent.

Ceanna Pollard

Dean Hurren Let’s just try human

Desiree Kretschmar I own a business downtown and no one should have to sleep in a doorway like ours each night. People deserve a home and support no matter what they are going through.

Catherine Hill

Angela Wall Experienced homelessness

Alyssa Hawley Ally

Monica Weller Concerned citizen

Leila Maher People have the right to personal space, respect, and relative safety, even if they don’t own property or cannot find housing.

Chris Seymour One of the homeless

June Stockwell

Emily Gryck Community member

Tracy Emery Local shelter frontline worker and Concerned citizen

Gillian Balfour Board member of One City Peterborough

Erin McLeod Community member who believes that housing is a human right, not a privilege

Liz Kieffer Community member

Joshua Fink Social Worker

Carleen Johnson

Lucie Lalande Concerned citizens of Peterborough

Tyler Frederick Associate Professor/Homelessness Researcher

Kody Crowell Research assistant/ Street worker

Ralph Colley Support the need in lieu of real housing

Cyndi Gilmer

Jean Koning 99-year old advocate for my homeless brothers and sisters

Margaret Bonigut Day Service Facilitator, BIAPR

Geri Blinick Community member and affordable housing advocate

Susan Irwin I am not in a position of authority nor am I connected to the issue, however I have made a statement on FB with regard to this and questioned why, with all the vacant land around the city, that a site was not set up for the homeless.

Roy Brady

Marlene Steele

Sara Crouthers I support my neighbours in encampments

Jean Giroux Parent, citizen

Sherry Blenden Peterborough County resident

Tracey Wodnisky Registered Social Worker in Peterborough/Clinical Counsellor

Katelyn James One City Peterborough Operations Director

Jennifer Noel Nurse Navigator, Peterborough Family Health Team. I do equity work with many people suffering from housing and food insecurity.

Carol Grady Advocate for all people

Faelan Dobbin Advocate

Susan Jones Concerned person

Judy Amsbury A 20 year volunteer in the area of food and shelter insecurity. Member of PATH

Sandra Lockwood A concerned citizen of Peterborough

Myles Conner Downtown business owner and employer since 2005

Dawn Jones Concerned Community member

Lianne Landry

Joel Herman Shelter worker and resident of Peterborough

Daniel Plouffe Homeless people deserve a place

Beverley Templar Grace United Church

Evan Brockest

Donna Boyle I need a position to act humanely to my fellow citizens?

Jacob Polowin Peterborough resident

Katharine Viscardis

Jimmy Frickey Parent and former Youth Outreach Worker at YES Shelter for Youth and Families

Doug Mason

Dawn Cox

Sylvia Keesmaat Board Member of an agency that works with the homeless

Brian Walsh Board Member, A Place Called Home, Lindsay

George Fogarasi Neighbour. Citizen. Father. Human.

Andrea Monos

Shirley Hurd A Christian who believes all people have a right to safe housing, food, and water

Rob Bartlett

John Gearin

Tammy Delahey

Christopher Ratz

Miriam Verburg Home owner on the river

Robert Ball ORCC worker

Alan Slavin Concerned Citizen

Rhea Eady I am a local mental health counsellor and would like to add my voice to advocate for those living street rough

Anya Gwynne Poverty and harm

Benn Smith

Sherry Ellison Personally knows someone dealing with homelesness

Janice White Daughter on ODSP in need of housing

Cynthia Conner concerned resideent of Ptbo.

Ben Ellison

Gary Doughty concerned citizen

Hugh MacAdam Volunteer with One City’s CoSA Program

Christine Lewis Emmanuel united church

Katherin Snajd Zabehlicky

Nancy Dunlop

Jane Garant Social Worker

Murray MacAdam Volunteer with One of City’s CoSA Program

Miriam Lyall human, local

Mary Mattos County resident wishing to see that basic needs be met.

Danielle Student in Social Service Worker program

Scott Pind Supporter

Sharon Harrison Very concerned citizen

Reg Williams

William Ward psw

Connor McClellan Housing is a basic human right

Andy Foeller I live in Ptbo.

Sarah St. Pierre Resident of Peterborough

Christina Jones Realtor

Charlotte Kennedy My position is being a human who lives here

Kelly Pensom NP Lead/Clinical Director, Peterborough 360 Degree NPLC (primary care providers serving marginalized neighbours)

Jennifer Kloosterman Director of Peterborough Youth Unlimited, hosted StopGap program over winter of 2021/2022; connection to youth experiencing homelessness

Gail Newman Thinks housing is a basic need

Jodi Morris Transitional housing worker

Cheri Anderson Live in the community

Suzanne Yip Choy

Jenny Leyderman Resident

Jane Mark Registered Nurse

Melinda Wall Having worked in the mental health and addictions field for over 15 years, I see how those with mental health and addictions issues are both disproportionately represented among the homeless population, and also how homelessness worsens individuals’ mental health

Emily Lessard RN

Ted McDowell I’m homeless

Erin Mowbray

Andrea Holtrusts

JoElla O’Neill Concerned Peterborian

Britt Lehmann-Bender Physician treating people with addiction

Jason Wallwork Citizen

Vivian Heinmiller

Cassandra Lee

Carolyn King Compassionate community member and professional harm reduction worker

San Williamson

Bob Tyne Advocate

Alex Ramsay A frustrated citizen who can’t understand the complete lack of co-operation from the city of Peterborough

Marjory Ouellette Permission to Sleep outside, providing they pick up after themselves as well please

David Stewart Registered Social Service Worker working in mental health and addiction services

Liz Mcfadden Outreach worker

Sakina Kirefu

Rena Ridley

Jamie OBrien Resident

Brieanna Higgins Citizen of Peterborough

Sue Grafe Nurse Practitioner/Instructor

Sheila Duncan

Selina Posthumus

Corinne Maynard Peterborough resident. Father experienced homelessness for approximately 20yrs

Robert Ross Anglican priest

Jessi Dobyns Family Physician

Mohamed Abdelhady Economics PhD / Academic

Peggy Fillier Concerned member of St James United Church

Chris James Outreach/ Street Registered Nurse - working with homelessness, complex mental health, and substance use

Mackenzie Earle Volunteer at One City

Liam Woodward

Kaitlyn Earle Sister volunteers

Cynthia Earle Concerned citizen


Terri Rodgers RPN

Keith Anderson Nurse

Rosemary Shaughnessy Resident of Peterborough

John Shaughnessy Resident of Peterborough

Chrystal Woodhouse Concerned citizen

Gail Parry I am a member of Moms Stop the Harm and have also lost my daughter to addiction. I feel this is necessary until this city can provide housing for everyone

Marney Horton Citizen of Peterborough

Mkwa Giizhis Indigenous Harm Reduction Consultant

Fenna Green Citizen

Marlee Lunshof Demand safe and dignified housing now!

Alexandra Taylor Citizen of PTBO, Social Worker

Rosemary Macadam Social Worker

Veronica Hartshorn Social Worker

James Lowes


Rebecca Wasson

Mackenzie Clark Outreach worker in community

Madison McRae Concerned Citizen

Carolyn Anderson

Ashleigh Swerdfeger Concerned Citizen

Husayn D Concerned business owner

Erin Dyson Downtown Resident

Carley Smale Peterborough Resident

Rebecca Robers

Emma Robers Concerned citizen

Tracy Sallaway

Krista Kayser Community member

Lynn Smith-Reeve

Katie Gibbs Advocate

Bryan St. John’s

Julie Van Haaften United Church Clergy

Terry Kloosterman

John Fraser Jull Supporter of One City

Diane Passmore Concerned

Dean Haggerty Member of Emmanuel United Church

Shannon Lee Mental Health Worker

Susan Hubay Concerned Citizen of Peterborough

Nikolay Afonin Housing Support Coordinator

Lauren Corindia

Lauren MacLachlan Peterborough resident

Christine Booth I am currently sleeping outside. I have had my belongings removed dozens of times. It’s demonic.

Casey Scott-Montgomery Currently sleeping rough

Anne Smith Concerned Citizen of Peterborough and its fellow inhabitants

Melissa Baldwin Community member

Karine Rogers

Pat Dunn

Jenessa Perreault

Velvet Lacasse

Kirsten Woodend Chair, board MPLC; associate professor, Trent/Fleming school of nursing

Tarin Duncan Keeping one another safe and doing something to help another person is the right thing to do

Danielle Markson Community member

Patricia Murphy

Court Ostic

Erinn Burke

Pat Ryans Peterborough resident

Christopher Lawe I had to sleep outside for several months

Dr. Jessica Barr

Jacob Van Haaften Graduate Student

Lesa Fox Clinical Coordinator, Fleming College PN Program

Hannah McFarlane

Luke Shauf Fundraising Coordinator at One City Peterborough

Jennifer Kilby The right to housing is a human right. Not finding or having appropriate housing is a failure on behalf of Fed, Pro, Min, City, Town, MPS, Mayors. Their job is public service. The greatest need in this City and many is the lack of appropriate housing.

Tina McConnell

Jack Thajer Student in Peterborough

Kristen Mommertz Accessibility Educator & Downtown Ptbo Resident for over a decade

Vicky Boomgaardt

Rebecca Glen Citizen

Andy Cragg Downtown resident

Ian Holmes Community member

Leah Kivisaari Nurse

Emily Rumble

Melissa ODonohue Intensive Case Manager Mobile Support Overdose Resource Team

Olivia Wright

Ryan Mclean Purdon Social Worker

Colleen Cumming

PATH Peterborough Action for Tiny Homes

Genevieve Lavallee Concerned fellow human being

Ann Austin Citizen

Danielle Rinsma Compassion

Jason Richards Have experienced homelessness and slept outside on many nights. There should be more options.

Jody Allen Time for Tiny Homes…

Morgan Murray

Kellie Bonnici

Ben Kloosterman Empathy for the poor

Ruth Schaeffer We all need a place to sleep at night

Kelsey Roote Resident of Nogojiwanong/Peterborough

Angie MacDonald Community member

Nicole Menard Permission to survive

Francine Schilke Volunteer

Marianne Pedretti Concerned resident of Peterborough

Richards Patterson Concerned citizen

Carolee Awde Retired health care provider, person

Gervais Vignola Human being

Barbara Herring church member

Aaron Cox Social Worker with Ontario Works Muskoka

Glen Caradus Please allow a park for tenants So concerned for the situation

Angela Lavigne Peterborough Resident

Joy Gaskin Greenwood United Church

Ann Sinclair

Sandy Mills My position is that I care. Homeless folks are not criminals, but our treatment of them is.

Rose Bergeron Resident

Alex Hanbidge-Wilding legal advocate, precariously housed, formerly homeless


Kathy Mclay Concerned citizen; previously worked in the mental health field

Yvonne Lai Concerned resident


Kennedie Close Youth Services Coordinator - John Howard Society CKLH

Mary Howell Citizen

Eva Webster Concerned citizen of the City of Peterborough

Mary Conchelos

Ruth Adams Concerned and caring citizen

Jessica Rustage-Johnston

Barbara Pugh I was previously a store owner in east city where I experienced problems with the homeless. I am retired now living down town it would be nice to reclaim down town for the businesses and residents to live without this problem so I agree

Samantha Rockbrune Peterborough community member

Darryl Parsons Concerned citizen

Mark Stewart Library worker

Andy Fong Library worker

Judy Broersma A concerned person of Peterborough

Gary Bonczak

Lorraine Land Peterborough region citizen

Deborah Wood I work with the homeless

Joan Mackay Concerned Citizen


Liza Perry

Norman Favit Landlord, Ptbo resident, father, Christian, Repayer

Danielle Turpin Resident, concerned citizen

Sue Kenton

Jon Matheson

Barry Boyce housed

Linda Vardy

Laurie Collette Administrative Assistant, Trent University/Concerned Citizen

Kevin Maina

Anthony Van Drunen

Bridget Bennewith

Michael Fazackerley Safer Supply Project research assistant

Mary Anne Martin Food System Researcher

Micky Renders Citizen

Crystal Mosey Former warming room volunteer

Stephanie Levesque Peterborough resident

Celeste Joy Uson I support this Open Letter

Sara Mountenay

Jennifer Seeing the homeless being reprimanded for trying to sleep is devastating

Cora Pettigrew Hometown

Caroline Guthrie Ex harm reduction worker,human being with a conscience

Steve Anderson

Mary Jordan Pharmacist with a focus on mental health and addictions

Carl Crusie-Baxter Community member

Jeannine Crowe East city homeowner

Kathy Common Peterborough resident & community volunteer

Kate McBride

Eric Jordan

Nathalie Leblanc I am fighting for a way to decriminalize homelessness

Becky Minten Concerned citizen

Vic Lees Struggling on odsp

Ashley Collins UW Board member

Chris Clements concerned citizen

Marjorie McDonald

Gwedhen Nicholas interest in housing for the homeless

Marisa Barnhart

Walter Howell Concerned ciitizen

Mary Ann Hall I escaped abuseand thankfully ended up in Wolfe Street shelter

Maureen McDonald Retired family physician

Samuel Bourgeois Concerned resident

Stu Burkholder I am a citizen with concern for those denied a home in a commonfied real estate market

Fer Cristall

Jillian Ackert concerned neighbour and community member

Jacquelyn M

Perry McGill I have been homeless and slept outside. There needs to be showers and bathrooms provided.

Kaitlyn Robertson Live in Peterborough

Elizabeth Finuma Town resident;advocate

Brianne Bartlett I’m personally affected by this issue

Stephen Thode I have friends sleeping outside

Vernon Langille Homeless person that has my tent thrown out every week

Peter Pople Homeless

Michael Broderick First-hand sleeping outside due to being attacked in shelter

Jordan Bailey I think my friends should be able to sleep outside

Marsha Jansen I was homeless for 4 years

Jacob Jansen currently outside

Jeanie Switzer People are homeless

Jeff Allan Sleeping outside should be allowed. Being homeless sucks

Istvan Fazekas If we have third world economic conditions, we need to resort to third world housing solutions

Satchel McCracken Concerned Citizen

Will Gillespie Currently living outside

Cliff Nicholson One Roof

Marshall Hamblin Community Member

Joyce Lee Soroptimist

Maggie Allin Soroptimist and concerned citizen

KJ Palmer Soroptimist

J Coleman Soroptimist

M Phelp Soroptimist

S McElsy Soroptimist

J Brown Soroptimist

Catriona Sinclair Concerned Citizen

Mindy Mead Soroptimist

Adam Furfaro

Catriona Sinclair - Concerned citizen

Jill Adams

Laura Greenwood - Housing Locator

Monica Dadurkeviciute

Jodi-Lyn Samphire - On waiting list for affordable housing

Phoenix Armstrong - OPIRG Free Market

Ed Morrison - I see it all the time

Kat Tannock - Shelter is a basic human right

Caitlin Reesor - former Ptbo resident

Zoe Stewart - concerned student and neighbour

Vanessa Hall - Lived Experience of homelessness

Aaron Hansen - Resident of Peterborough

Jessica Haug - Peterborough Resident

Angela Vos - Member MSTH

Kailey Grant - SSW

Kayla Jones - I live downtown

Mike Cote - concerned citizen

Kim Willerton - everyone has a right to a safe place to sleep

The Centre for Women and Trans People - We are deeply invested in this issue

Robert Gibson - Green Party candidate

Missy McLean - human being, frontline worker standing in solidarity with marginalized folks, friend to many currently experiencing homelessness

Lynn Y. - Peterborough resident/activist

Patricia Reesor

Cindy Mytruk - Human Being with respect for other human beings

Taylor Mcilmoyle - worker

Jacquelyn M - concerned neighbour and community member

Fer Cristall

Stu Burkholder - I am a citizen with concern for those denied a home in a commodified real estate market

Samuel Bourgeois - Concerned resident

Maureen McDonald - Retired Family physician

Mary Ann Hall - I escaped abuse and thankfully ended up Wolfe St. shelter

Walter Howell - Concerned citizen

Marisa Barnhart

Gwedhen Nicholas - Interest in housing for the homeless

Marjorie Mcdonald

Chris Clements - concerned citizen

Ashley Collins - UW Board Member

Vic Lees - Struggling on odsp

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